12:15 PM

70 new permanent homes support Winters Hotel fire evacuees

VANCOUVER - The Province, together with BC Housing and Atira Women's Resource Society, is opening 70 permanent homes for people who lost their homes when a fire destroyed the Winters Hotel in Gastown.

The new homes are located in the Tawow building (formerly the Columbia Hotel), which was recently purchased by Atira Women's Resource Society. Atira will transfer services and building-management staff from the Winters Hotel to Tawow, using operating funding from BC Housing.

Tenants began moving into the Tawow building on Tuesday, April 19, 2022. Housing priority is being given to those who had been living at the Winters Hotel. Rents will not change as a result of the move.

BC Housing continues to work with the City of Vancouver, housing providers and emergency-response personnel to ensure the ongoing safety of evacuees from the Winters Hotel and the neighbouring Gastown Hotel. Residents of the Gastown Hotel are expected to return to their homes in the coming weeks, once the Winters Hotel is demolished and the city has approved occupancy.

Displaced residents will continue to receive temporary overnight shelter, food, clothing and other services for as long as needed.