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BC Housing taking action to strengthen policies and processes

BURNABY – Under the direction of the Board of Commissioners and CEO, BC Housing has taken significant steps to address organizational structure and capacity, financial systems, governance practices, and policies related to oversight, transparency, and conflict of interest.  Work has been underway since Fall 2022 to address recommendations from the Financial Systems and Operational (EY) Review released in June 2022, including:  

  • Strengthened Standards of Conduct Policy, including conflict of interest processes;  
  • A new whistleblower policy aligned with the newly enacted Public Interest Disclosure Act;  
  • New processes and provisions for budget and financial reviews of housing providers;  
  • Updated governance practices to improve documentation and executive oversight; and,  
  • Modernizing leadership structure to consolidate accountabilities.  

In addition to these actions that have been underway, the BC Housing Board Chair and CEO have directed the development of an action plan in response to the recommendations in the Forensic Investigation Report of March 2023. The action plan includes:    

  • Reviewing Atira Women’s Resources Society (AWRS) and Atira Development Society (ADS) and its financial transactions with related entities, pursuant to applicable BC Housing operating and operator agreements; 
  • Restricting any new BC Housing funding to AWRS and ADS until the operational review is completed and concerns are addressed. Atira will not be considered for new funding calls or to manage new buildings until this is complete; 
  • Suspending the renewal of all AWRS operating and operator agreements with BC Housing until the review is complete; and 
  • Physically inspecting all BC Housing-funded Atira operated buildings, beginning May 9, 2023.

BC Housing has committed to addressing all 20 recommendations from the forensic investigation report by Spring 2024. Oversight for the plan will be provided by the Board of Commissioners, with the CEO and select members of the Executive Committee responsible for implementation.    

BC Housing’s full action plan is detailed in the Backgrounder below. 

To learn about BC Housing, visit: https://www.bchousing.org