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Meal delivery program ensuring tenants are supported with meals

Riverview - COVID-19 meal delivery

BC Housing recently launched its meal service delivery program to help non-profit housing providers supply food to tenants around the province. The program aims to address any gaps where existing food/meal suppliers are unable to meet increased demands due to the current COVID-19 crisis.

“Many of the tenants in BC Housing funded buildings rely on meal programs, and in these difficult times many more are finding it increasingly hard to access food,” said Michael Pistrin, Associate Vice President of Asset Strategies. “We are committed to ensuring that tenants have healthy meals.”

The demand for this service is just starting to ramp up, with meals starting to be delivered this week to non-profit housing providers.

BC Housing has been preparing for meal delivery over the past few weeks. BC Housing staff worked tirelessly to stock up on 3,000 frozen meals at the Riverview warehouse. We connected with local providers that are ready to deliver fresh meals to non-profit housing providers.

BC Housing staff did a tremendous job getting the freezers up and running to enable it to work. And the response we’ve received from our local food suppliers has just been incredible. We’ve partnered with everyone from small catering companies to large food suppliers that have stepped up to lend a hand and can deliver many thousands of fresh meals to our clients daily.

Mike Pistrin, BC Housing
Riverview - COVID-19 meal delivery truck

In addition to the meal delivery program service, BC Housing has increased the operational budgets of some non-profit housing providers on an as need basis so that they can buy their food supplies. BC Housing is also funding meals at emergency response centres and sites across the province.

Non-profit housing providers that are interested in receiving this service can fill out the Online Housing Partner Contact Form. AHMA will coordinate and provide any requests on behalf of their members. However, any AHMA members can also submit requests through the BC Housing contact form.

Meal requests will be assessed by BC Housing staff and triaged for distribution province wide.