08:39 AM

More people will get supportive housing with project redesign

VANCOUVER - The Province is taking action for people experiencing homelessness in Vancouver by adding 26 homes to a permanent supportive housing plan originally proposed in 2021. 

The supportive housing project on land owned by the City of Vancouver at 2930 Renfrew St. will have 26 units added to its design, increasing the total units to 76. This proposal replaces the previous design shared with the community in June 2021. 

The project is a partnership between the Province, through BC Housing, the City of Vancouver, Lu'ma Native Housing Society and the federal government. It is one of five developments that are part of a commitment from all levels of government to deliver approximately 350 new permanent supportive homes in Vancouver. 

BC Housing, Lu'ma Native Housing Society and the City of Vancouver will engage with people in the neighbourhood in the coming weeks to provide updated details about the proposal and ensure opportunities for community discussion. An early engagement was also done for the June and July 2021 design. 

If rezoning and permitting is approved by Vancouver city council, the project is expected to open in 2026. 

Learn More: 

For public engagement updates and details about this proposal, visit: https://letstalkhousingbc.ca/vancouver-renfrew 

For information about the 2021 community proposal, visit: https://archive.news.gov.bc.ca/releases/news_releases_2020-2024/2021AG0100-001254.htm