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Our Place to manage Transitional Tiny Home Community

VICTORIA – Victoria’s first Transitional Tiny Home Community is one-step closer to opening its doors as Our Place steps up to become the site manager.

“We are excited by the concept,” said Our Place CEO Julian Daly. “So many organizations have already put in a lot of work, and we want to do our part to make this a successful and transformative program for people who are currently experiencing homelessness.”

The small community of 30 transitional and temporary homes are to be made from shipping containers. Each one will be about 100 square feet and include a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe and fridge. Communal shower and washroom facilities will also be installed. The secure site will be located in the city-owned parking lot at 940 Caledonia Ave., and staffed 24/7.

“From the moment people move in, we want to be working with them to create a unique, tailor-made plan to get ready for stable, permanent housing,” said Daly. “We want everyone, residents and the surrounding community, to feel safe and cared for.”

The Our Place plan will address the individual’s physical, mental health, addiction, housing, income and employment needs to set them up for success in permanent housing.

The tiny home concept began in December when Aryze Development and the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness started a crowdfunding effort. Thanks to amazing community donors and BC Housing for funding the operations, the project is expected to house residents as of March 31.


Luke Mari, Aryze Development - 

“As homebuilders, we have a responsibility to provide diverse housing solutions for all citizens – especially our community’s most vulnerable. Thanks to the generous contributions over the last few months, we are honoured to be moving into our traditional role as constructor, so the experienced team at Our Place can bring this innovative concept to life.”

Kelly Roth, executive director, Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness -

“We are excited to see this project moving forward with the collective support of so many community partners. It is with this kind of collective caring and real time collaboration that will move the dial and reduce homelessness in the Greater Victoria region.”

David Eby, Attorney General and Minister Responsible for Housing -

“This project is a great example of the whole community pulling together to get people into a safe and secure home. While this isn’t a traditional housing initiative, our government will always be open to working with community members and organizations who show this kind of initiative, and we are glad to have partners like the City of Victoria and non-profit organizations who share this spirit of cooperation to make sure that everyone has a place to stay with supports.”

Lisa Helps, mayor, City of Victoria -

“I’m thrilled that the community has stepped up to donate close to the $500,000 needed to help build homes for their neighbours. When the community and private sector come together with different levels of government and not-for profit agencies, mountains can be moved. I look forward to seeing this project come forward to council.”


Grant McKenzie
Director of Communications
Our Place Society

BC Housing
Media Relations